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Brochure Monsun® (1,4 MB)
Standard Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials (ISO 2858)
Magnetic Coupled Pump of Plastic Materials MONSUN® (ISO 2858)
High Safety Pump TAIFUN made of PTFE/ PFA (ISO 2858)
Process Pump of Plastic Materials for high flow
Grinding Pump made of WERNIT®
Vertical Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials – Wet mounting
Vertical Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials – Dry arrangement

Standard Chemical Pump
of Plastic Materials with Magnetic Drive

Type series Monsun®

ISO 2858 / DIN EN 22858


A fresh breeze sweeps high repair costs away.

For conveying aggressive, corrosive and/ or toxic liquids. Intermittent flow is tolerated for a long period and can be easily detected by temperature monitoring (Option). Perfect protection for your investment.

Technical properties:
Single stage process designed radial centrifugal pump
Available in closed-coupled design
May be used in areas with explosive atmosphere - directive 94/9/EG
Hermetic tight through eddicurrent free isolation shell of massive SiC
Magnetic coupling out of Samarium-Cobalt (80 Nm)
Rotor bearings located at the outermost radius, making emergency lubrication possible
Temperature rise of emergency reservoir detectable (Option)
Simple Design - minimized number of static seals
Thick-walled interchangeable plastic parts
Completely cast iron clad
All forces from piping are fully supported by metal casing
Flowrate 0,5 up to 65 m³/h  
Differential head up to 60 m  
Main materials
of construction and
temperature limitations:


up to 90° C
up to 150° C
Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX)

Equipment Group
Equipment Category
Temperature Class

T3 or T4
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