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Brochure TAIFUN® (1,6 MB)
Standard Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials (ISO 2858)
Magnetic Coupled Pump of Plastic Materials (ISO 2858)
High Safety Pump TAIFUN® made of PTFE/ PFA (ISO 2858)
Process Pump of Plastic Materials for high flow
Vertical Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials – Wet mounting
Vertical Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials – Dry arrangement
Elbow Pump made from plastic

High Safety Pump made of PTFE/ PFA
with a permanent magnet excited synchronous motor

Type series TAIFUN®

ISO 2858 / DIN EN 22858


A new concept for pumps that inspires the world.

The TAIFUN® 32-200 newly defines security in terms of industrial standard centrifugal pumps. For the first time ever we can provide a double sealed hermetically tight chemical standard pump made from non-metal materials.

Technical properties:
Single stage process designed radial centrifugal pump
Double hermetically tight by independent safety zones
Universal chemical resistant
Not prone to gas intrusion or throttled suction lines
No varying constructions – one pump for all applications!
May be used in areas with explosive atmosphere – directive 2014/34/EU
Integrated permanent magnet excited synchronous 13 kW motor with a high degree of efficiency
Used with an external frequency converter
Special impeller for speeds up to 5000 1/min
Flowrate 1 up to 35 m³/h  
Differential head 5 up to 80 m  
Number of revolutions 1000 up to 5000 1/min  
Main materials
of construction and
temperature limitations:
PTFE/PFA up to 150° C
Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) Equipment Group
Equipment Category
Temperature Class
T3 or T4
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