Standardised chemical pump with mechanical seal

Type series NE
EN ISO 2858 - ATEX T3/T4

For conveying aggressive, corrosive, solid laden or toxic liquids. Smaller sizes are available in unit construction (Type series FK).

Technical characteristics

  • Single-stage radial centrifugal pump in process design
  • Various impeller geometries, optionally also in non-clog design
  • Thick-walled, replaceable plastic components, optionally also conductive
  • Complete metallic enclosure
  • Single-acting WERNERT bellows seal
  • Optional double-acting mechanical seal HRZ 13
  • Metallic absorption of all pipe forces
  • Grease or oil lubrication
Flow rate 0.5 to 1000 m³/h
Total head up to 110 m
Main materials and application limits  
UHMW-PE up to 90 °C
PVDF up to 115 °C
Mineral casting WERNIT® up to 125 °C
PTFE/PFA up to 160 °C
Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)  
Equipment group II
Equipment category 2G
Temperature class T3 or T4
Standardised chemical pump with mechanical seal

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